Midlands Gives is an excellent way for members of the community to support many non-profits and help supply services and opportunities for our citizens. Special contribution matching days and promotions will be aired throughout the Midlands Gives program beginning Tuesday, May 4.

Friends of Fisher House Columbia are working tirelessly to campaign for donations to welcome guests to their home away from home on the campus of Dorn VA Medical City in the heart of the Capital City.

Fisher House is the “Ronald McDonald House” for veterans and their families. It is a veteran’s “home away from home”, and provides a loving HOME where families can prepare meals, eat, sleep, do laundry, relax and rejuvenate while visiting and caring for their loved one in the hospital.

No families pay to stay at a Fisher House while their loved ones are receiving treatment at the Dorm VA Medical Center.

The house will have 16 guest suites that can provide almost 6,000 nights of lodging per year for veteran’s families. The house will have a common kitchen, dining room, laundry, living room & playroom.

Ed Lundeen, Lexington County Veterans’ Service Officer, says, “This is one of the most worthwhile places your donation would be put to good use. Please consider giving for the upcoming Midlands Gives fundraiser. Please give this the widest distribution possible in order to help the Columbia VA Fisher House obtain the funds needed to begin building.”


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