The State Museum will be holding a special event for the coming lunar eclipse.

From May 15 through the early hours of May 16, a Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Columbia’s night sky. The museum is opening its doors after hours to observe the astronomical event.

The next total lunar eclipse visible for the area will not occur until 2025.

The lunar eclipse will begin around 10:30 pm and, weather permitting, guests will be able to see the “blood Moon” turn a dark red color as it travels through the Earth’s shadow.

The Boeing Observatory and select exhibition galleries, including Apollo 16 & Beyond: South Carolina in Space, will also be open for guests to explore.

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Lunar Eclipse Times
Eclipse Begins: 10:27 pm Sun., May 15
Totality Begins: 11:29 pm Sun., May 15
Totality Ends: 12:53 am Mon., May 16

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