Christmas will be somewhat different in this year of 2020.
For the deadly coronavirus from China did make an illegal entry.

We knew not what it was or more importantly what we could do
for it has changed the world and that includes me and you.

We will still be cheerful this Christmas and have a glass or two of good cheer;
but we will be apprehensive and have some anxiety and fear.

We will all be wearing masks and looking like a bank robber, or at least the Lone Ranger;
and to our families, relatives and friends we will appear to be strangers.

In our country the virus has caused the death of a quarter million lives; and nearly five million worldwide.
We know the virus if fare and wide; and our scientists tell us that the peak has not yet arrived.

This Christmas we will miss a friendly hug, a warm handshake and a caring squeeze;
and all of our hurts and pains, are the result of the corona virus disease.

We will still have presents under the Christmas tree; but Christmas this year will not be like it used to be.
We are likely to feel isolated in our efforts to avoid the deadly virus danger;
and we will need to concentrate more about our savior born in a manger.
We won’t be going to church holding a candle at a Christmas Eve mass, or sitting close together in a sports stadium;
or sitting in a regular college class.

We will miss smiling faces and Christmas shopping in the department stores;
and children won’t be sitting on Santa’s lap as they have always done before.

Bur we are an optimistic people and we know the corona virus won’t last;
just as all the sand falls from an hourglass.

We’re happy that our creator has given our surgeons, doctors, nurse and health providers the knowledge to develop an anti corona virus vaccine;
and it won’t be long before we are back in societies main stream.
Just because this will not be a normal Christmas, let us not be pessimistic or give up; for our creator made us out of better stuff.

With all of our disappointments there are still many things that we can do to celebrate our love for the King of Kings;
and those things might include a lighted Christmas tree, reading the Christmas story, sending Christmas card, calling our relatives and friends on the cell phone, and to some needy person, happiness bring.
Merry Christmas.

Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons

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