Autumn was not having a good day. Matter of fact she wasn’t having a very good month. It started with water damage to her master bathroom and bedroom which was traced to a faulty roof and after contacting her insurance company she began to get the runaround and found out she was going to have to cover most of the costs of repairing her home. Herself.
When Rumsey Construction and Restoration found out what was happening to Autumn they stepped in to help.

“We considered her a great candidate for our first Rumsey Raise the Roof Initiative,” said Brendon Rumsey, owner of Rumsey Construction and Restoration. “Columbia has given us so much in growing our business that we feel the need to give back.”

Rumsey Construction & Restoration is known for serving water, fire, storm and structure damage needs for residential and commercial buildings but this a new venture for the company.

Now Rumsey Construction and Restoration are offering environmental cleanup services for facilities and businesses. ⁣⁣⁣

In mid-October, Rumsey Construction and Restoration went to work taking care of establishing a new roof for Autumn.

“This roof is where it all begins,” said Brendon. “Once we have it dry underneath then we can attack the other problems.”

Autumn was grateful for the Rumsey Raise the Roof Initiative from the very first day.

“My experience with Rumsey has been wonderful from day one,” said Autumn. “They are taking care of my home and they have helped to guide me in negotiations with the insurance company.”

After Rumsey Construction and Restoration began talks with the insurance company they quickly obtained better options for Autumn in settling some of her claims.

“It has been apparent from day one that they care about the customer more than the dollar,” said Autumn. “Every employee has been kind and courteous and I have been more than pleased with how they have handled my restoration.”

Brendon Rumsey plans on continuing the Rumsey Raise the Roof Initiative on a regular basis. “There are deserving people out there who are having a tough time of it,” Rumsey said. “If this can get them restarted it’s all well worth it.”

Rumsey Construction and Restoration is located right in Columbia at 2630 Shop Road and can be reached at 803-592-3394.

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