Lake Murray saw two major boating accidents over the Memorial weekend as thousands took to the water taking advantage of the mild temperatures and blue skies.

A collision occurred around 10:30 pm Friday night near Suzy Ebert Island that sent five people to the hospital. 
A pontoon boat and cabin cruiser crashed sending the cabin cruiser to the bottom of the lake. 
Five people aboard the pontoon boat were taken to the hospital, two with serious injuries, and both occupants of the cabin cruiser had to be rescued before the boat sank. They were not injured. DNR plans on raising the boat later due to the congestion near the island from the holiday.
A second boating accident happened on Saturday near Prosperity injuring three people. Newberry Sheriff’s Department and SC Department of Natural Resources responded around 10:15pm to Buffalo Creek Marina where the two boats collided. Neither of the occupants had life-threatening injuries but one was transported to Newberry County hospital and two more taken to a Richland County hospital.

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