A lieutenant who serves in the Lexington County Detention Center has been recognized by the South Carolina Jail Administrators Association as the state’s top detention supervisor.

Lt. Travis Felder has worked at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department for 12 years.

“We’re proud of Lt. Felder for receiving this award,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “He always puts the needs of others first. He fosters an atmosphere of learning and challenges those he leads to become leaders themselves.”

Felder has led several investigations related to contraband in the detention center, according to Koon. These efforts have made the jail safer for staff and inmates.

“Lt. Felder also brings a personal touch to his position,” Koon said. “He assisted with a Mother’s Day lunch for female officers last year and it’s not uncommon for him to take injured officers to the doctor. He’s committed to making Lexington County a safer place.”

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