By Rep. Joe Wilson
December 27, 2021

As we come to the end of 2021, it is important to reflect on the year’s accomplishments in Congress, while also acknowledging the challenges we face in welcoming the new year.

Unfortunately, Biden and the Democrats remain in ‘leadership’ roles, and as a result, our country continues to face adversity. Americans are struggling with inflated prices for consumer goods, angry about the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens at our Southern Border, and shocked at the appeasement in Afghanistan leading to 13 American heroes murdered and establishing Afghanistan as a safe haven to attack American families, among other concerns.

The effects of the free-spending Democrats, including the Biden-supported, multitrillion-dollar spending bill, more accurately dubbed ‘Build Back Bankrupt,’ will only further contribute to the already 39-year high inflation rate. These wasteful expenditures will saddle our children and grandchildren with unimaginable debt and destroy jobs, while for older Americans, the Biden policies are crushing retirement accounts, undermining Social Security, and compromising Medicare.

The Democrat elite think they are smarter than everyone and think Democrat voters and Democrat media are ignorant to accept that trillions of dollars “costs zero dollars.”

This spending scheme is a slap in the face to those already experiencing outrageously high costs on everyday items. In addition to the most expensive Thanksgiving meal in the history of the holiday, shoppers are also likely realizing exorbitant prices this Christmas, as well as out-of-stock disappointments.

On top of it all, consumers are paying, on average, over fifty percent more for both gas and home heating bills, versus last year.

In a November 2021 Washington Post-ABC News poll, Biden’s disapproval rating was 53%, representing a new low for him. People are understandably dissatisfied.

However, throughout these economic challenges, there were several positive and welcomed congressional actions taken in 2021 which represent valuable steps forward. Here are a few
highlights of legislation I introduced or supported this year that became law, as well as those issues which I will continue to advocate:

Legislative Achievements

• Investment in South Carolina’s military installations by funding Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island’s Entry Control Facility, Fort Jackson’s reception barracks, Joint Base Charleston’s Fire and Rescue Station, McEntire Joint National Guard Base’s Hazardous Cargo Pad, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort’s Instrument Landing System, and more.

• Authorization of full funding for the missions of the Savannah River Site, including laying the groundwork for the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility and modernization of the nuclear triad as payment in lieu of taxes, continues for Barnwell and Aiken counties.

• Prevention of the Defense Department from dishonorably discharging a service member who refuses the COVID-19 vaccine.

• Establishment of an independent commission to review the entirety of the Afghanistan War, including the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from that country by the Biden administration.

• Continued funding for deployment of the National Guard to the Southern U.S. border.

• Reduction of barriers for military voters by ensuring they have the ability to securely return their ballot when they are deployed in places with limited or no postal service.

• Prevention of foreign authoritarian adversaries from abusing the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to go after political prisoners.


• Legislation nullifying President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private employers with more than 100 employees.

• Bill requiring nursing and care facilities to allow each resident to select 1-2 essential caregivers to provide daily living assistance, emotional support, or companionship
during a public health emergency.

• Encourage a pilot program allowing a limited number of states to permit the operation of trucks weighing above the federally allowable maximum of 80,000 pounds to ease strains on the supply chain.

• Bill empowering military families with members who have special needs by creating a community-based, all-volunteer advisory council to ensure they are supported when they change duty stations or their service member deploys.

• Bipartisan legislation to prevent Vladimir Putin from further abusing the citizens of Russia by not recognizing his unconstitutional third term as president.

• Bill to prevent American workers from being forced to join a union or pay union fees, maintaining Right to Work.

• Resolution which authorizes rewards under the State Department’s rewards program for information on individuals or entities who have violated U.S. or United Nations sanctions.

• Legislation to strengthen U.S. sanctions on Iran’s conventional weapons program regarding the supply, sale, or transfer of unmanned drones threatening Israel and our Arab allies.

While I am grateful for the achievements and positive strides my colleagues and I have accomplished this year, our work is far from complete. As we enter 2022, I will continue to work hard every day to keep Americans safe, promote good-paying jobs, and help make our lives and communities stronger.

During my time as a public servant, I have been blessed to work on behalf of the Palmetto State and the special people that live, work and raise their families here. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve South Carolina’s Second Congressional District.

Best wishes for a healthy, safe, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Joe Wilson is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving South Carolina’s 2nd District

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