A Pleasant Hill Middle School student is charged with making direct threats against students at his school.

The student, whose name will not be released because he is underage 18, made a statement during a class Tuesday about killing two students and “shooting up the school,” according to an incident report.

“There was some interaction between the student who was charged and the two students he directly threatened earlier in the day,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “The student later conveyed some thoughts about harming himself and those two students reported that to administrators.”

The threat that prompted the charge was made out of frustration toward the two students, according to Koon. Deputies determined the student had no access to weapons at this home.

“No matter what led up to the threat, the student still threatened to take the life of or inflict injury on someone,” Koon said. “We have to continue to investigate such threats and take them seriously.”

The student was released to the custody of his mother after being charged. He will appear in Lexington County Family Court at a later date.

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