Students devouring books? That was the scene when East Point Academy third grade teacher, Ms. Lester, held a “Book Tasting” in the school’s cafeteria complete with chef’s hats, custom menus, and yummy literary fun. Students got to “taste” three different genres, and review these using one-to-five stars supported by written critiques. “Trying different types of books can help students learn what they like to read and help encourage a love of reading,” explained Lester. “During the tasting, students sampled adventure as an appetizer, non-fiction as the main course, and mystery as dessert,” she added.

“I love that Ms. Lester had a creative way to encourage reading new genres,” remarked third grade parent Kelsea Snelgrove. “Ms. Lester presented reading in a way that was fun, educational, and innovative.” When asked about the tasting, third grader Braylin echoed her mom’s excitement, “It was so cool because I got to read Adventure, Mystery and NonFiction, and they were yummy!” she added with a giggle.

“Ms. Lester’s ‘Book Tasting’ exemplifies the hands-on learning that happens every day at East Point Academy,” remarked Assistant Principal Ashley Cohoon. “I am impressed with Ms. Lester’s creativity to teach the South Carolina Standards in a meaningful way. The students continue to talk about this art-rich activity.”

East Point Academy is a highly rated Mandarin Immersion free Public Charter School that provides rigorous academics with a global focus to students from four-year-old kindergarten to eighth grade. It was named the “Best” Charter School by the FreeTimes and State Newspaper, “Best” Private or Charter Elementary School in South Carolina by

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