Dear Editor,

Congressman Joe Wilson’s slogan Joe Means Jobs is very appropriate in my opinion. My grandson asked me, ten years ago, when he was eight years old, who this Joe Means Jobs guy was. I explained to him who Joe was and what he means to SC. Ever since that time, my grandson has been a big fan of Congressman Wilson and his conservative beliefs.

Congressman Wilson spends an enormous amount of time in his district and others. He knows the pulse of the people of South Carolina, not just his constituents. He represents everyone and I deeply respect that. He knows our economy must function well for us to compete in the business environment we now face, and he continues to press for more investment in our state. His vote for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and his support for the growth of manufacturing with its good paying jobs is indictive of this.

I also respect all he has accomplished for our military and the defense of our nation. We need him to continue to serve as Vice Chair of the Armed Services Committee to help protect Parris Island and our other military installations.

SC needs Congressman Wilson but if you do not vote, none of the above matters.

Peter Kennedy
Columbia, SC

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