It is now easier for students to transfer from Midlands Technical College to the University of South Carolina.

The two schools have announced new direct transfer tracks that align MTC courses with the first two years of courses in designated programs at UofSC. This allows students to earn an associate degree and move right into the final two years of their bachelor’s degree program.

“Ensuring educational access is always a priority at the University of South Carolina, and this agreement will extend more opportunities to students across our state,” said Harris Pastides, interim president of the University of South Carolina. “Transfer students constitute one-third of our student body, and we hope this will serve as a model for creating similar pathways for students at technical colleges across the state because it is critical that we build strong partnerships among South Carolina’s higher education institutions.”

Students at Midlands Technical College who are interested in participating in the new direct transfer tracks will declare to their MTC advisor their intent to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UofSC. Students can choose from 12 associate degree pathways in Biology Sciences, Public Health & Exercise Science, Teaching, and Engineering and will be guaranteed acceptance at South Carolina once admissions requirements are met.

“This new direct transfer program removes a part of the higher education process that was a barrier for many of our students,” said MTC President Ron Rhames. “We are proud that a majority of our associate degree graduates go on to a four-year program at the University of South Carolina and we hope that these direct transfer programs will strengthen our shared commitment to workforce development that drives the economy in the Columbia area and the entire state of South Carolina.”

Structured academic roadmaps and coordinated academic support will facilitate completion of associate and bachelor’s degrees in four years. Faculty at the two institutions who teach classes included in the academic pathways will meet at least every two years to evaluate the success of the students and to make any needed academic curriculum changes. There will also be collaboration among MTC and UofSC advising teams to ensure that students on the transfer pathways are supported throughout their journeys.

This coordination between the two institutions will ensure classes taken at MTC will apply directly toward degree completion at South Carolina. It will also ensure that the two institutions’ curriculums within the degree pathways are complementary — promoting academic stability and success for students despite their change in campus.

“This is just the right thing to do for students,” said UofSC Vice Provost Sandra Kelly, who, along with MTC Provost Barrie Kirk, led the creation of the pathway agreement. “This ensures that transfer students, as long as they have followed the guidelines of their pathway, can graduate in four years. The outcome of that is less student debt and greater student success. These new direct pathways mean graduates will be ready for the workforce much sooner.”

The Direct Transfer Partnership with Midlands Technical College is effective immediately and more academic pathways will be considered.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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