Shenandoah Restorations, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and has been in Irmo, SC since 2003 specializing in the restoration of windows in historic buildings, state capitols, court houses, museums, universities, colleges and more.

Owner Todd Selke started working in the stained glass field in 1977 and although the company has evolved into restoring any type of window in a historic building they have always kept their stained glass studio. They have restored many stained glass windows throughout the southeast including the church’s in downtown Columbia, Trinity Cathedral, First Presbyterian and most recently Washington Street UMC. They also design and fabricate new stained glass windows.

Recently they were commissioned by Lexington Medical Center for a window to be installed in their new chapel. The massive new window was designed and executed by Fielding Moore who came to work for Shenandoah Restorations, Inc in April of 2018. Fielding has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art’s from USC and is head of the Stained glass department at Shenandoah Restorations, Inc. (Todd) “Fielding is very talented in this medium and has a very good eye for the flow of the glass, design, and mechanics of building a stained glass window,” said Todd. “We are fortunate to have Fielding on our team.”

The company has worked on many large stained glass windows but they all start out the same. A detailed drawing or ‘cartoon’ is made. Then they create a template and finally start the meticulous cutting out of each fragment of glass to layout for the design. After the pieces are in place they are leaded or welded joining each piece into a complete design.

“This piece is meant to represent the path of the patient illustrated as a meandering waterway,” said Fielding referring to the LMC chapel window design. “My hope is that many people will find comfort and peace through the presence and appreciation of this work.”

Fielding said the piece has morphed many times since the conception but that it is all part of the artistic process. “Every stage of this creation has been an adventure and I’ve taken steps to implement embellishments that I feel will express the spirit and beauty of this design universally to all people that find themselves visiting this chapel.

“I remember the original meeting in my office when we spoke in concepts and now to see the reality of the piece coming together,” said Donna Peele, Director of Pastoral Care Lexington Medical Center. “For me, it’s an answered prayer and a prayer being offered on behalf of those who will sit beside the river and pour out their cares and worries.”

Shenandoah Restorations, Inc. is located at 10229 Broad River Rd. in Irmo and can be reached at 803-781-5722.

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