Koons Watch

The happenings of this past year have more people at home than ever before. Whether your favorite events are still canceled, your get-togethers have turned digital, your still working from home or you’re simply enjoying settling into family life more—one thing is for sure: we see a lot more of our neighbors now.

Even if it’s just in passing or from across the yard, neighborhoods are experiencing more cars in the driveway and people walking about. You may not care to get to know your neighbors–and that’s fine. But, we each can play a vital role in being a good neighbor. After all, good neighbors make safer communities.

• If you see something, say something. Remain vigilant; report suspicious activity and visitors to your local police department. Be able to recognize who lives on your road and identify who may not belong.
• Prevent ease of theft. Ensure your car and house doors, and windows are locked. Don’t give thieves easy access to your property. Never leave spare keys in your vehicle. Did your neighbor forget to close their garage? Let them know.
• Keep your neighbors informed. Going out of town? Ask your trusted neighbor to grab your mail so it doesn’t pile up and let them know when to expect your return. Do the same for them.
• Take initiative. Install motion-sensitive lights and cameras on the exterior of your home.

Encourage your neighbors to do so as well. Many modern cameras can be conveniently monitored from an app on your phone.

Crime is everywhere and neighborhood safety requires a group effort. Do your part to keep your community safe so that future generations may also enjoy a comfortable place to call home.

Interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group? Call: (803) 785-2549

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