Gene Swygert, retired construction engineer with Sloan ConstructionCompany has been appointed to the advisory board of Leeza’s Care Connection Foundation.

Marti Colucci, Director of Leeza’s Care Connection, made the announcement earlier last month. Leeza’s Care Connection focuses on people who are caregivers in the midlands area to a relative or loved on suffering from a dreaded disease.
The center is a place where caregivers can go to relax, learn new techniques to help give sufferers more comfort and ease, and get love, care, support and help in giving care to a loved one.

Leeza’s Care Connection is a free service for caregivers and is located at 201 St. Andrews Road in the old Michael Mungo home. The center is supported by businesses, corporations and contributions from individuals. The foundation is a 501-C-3 tax exempt organization.

If you have a loved one suffering from a disease you are encouraged to visit or call the center at 803-888-7525 and discuss your need with a professional staff member.
The advisory board studies the health needs in the area and makes recommendations for advancing the care, comfort, and protection fo disease suffers in the midlands area.

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