Having reservations regarding the COVID-19 vaccines is understandable. However, when one deeply reviews verified, impartial, and scientific research from reputable sources, answers may be found to many of the vaccine doubts as follows.

The vaccines kill people. Of the 43,448 volunteers who participated in Phase-3 Pfizer vaccine trials, six people died—four received fake placebo shots and two of natural, heart-related causes. The CDC reported 86 million or 25 percent of Americans received COVID-19 vaccinations through March 2021, of which 2,216 deaths were reported (.002 percent). FDA physicians reviewed death, autopsy, and medical records which revealed no evidence that vaccinations contributed to patient deaths.

The vaccines cause infertility and pregnancy problems. Rumors have postulated that COVID-19 vaccines prime immune systems to mistakenly cause fertility or pregnancy problems and many women of child-bearing age are worried. Yale University School of Medicine and the CDC reported that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations cause problems with fertility or pregnancy. On the negative side, research is showing that pregnant women who haven’t been vaccinated may experience more serious—and sometimes deadly—side effects from being infected by COVID-19. Pfizer announced in February 2021 that it is conducting blind studies of 4,000 healthy pregnant women. The study will monitor the women for ten months and infants for six months after birth. Of course, women who are considering pregnancy, who are pregnant, or breastfeeding should consult with their ob-gyn before taking vaccines or new medications.

The vaccines are unsafe because they were developed so quickly. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were developed at warp speed! The expense of rapid vaccine development was offset by billions of dollars contributed by world governments, reducing liability and financial losses for pharmaceutical companies. In addition, scientists basically had a “cheat sheet” for mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines based on decades of previous SARS research. Pfizer and Moderna were able to crank out similar vaccines in March 2020, only a few months into the pandemic. The FDA requires a “gold standard” test using randomized, placebo-controlled Phase-3 clinical trials with large groups of people which makes it nearly impossible to report false results.

The vaccines contain unsafe ingredients and transmitters used by the government to track us. Both Pfizer and Moderna list their vaccines’ ingredients on their websites. Outside of the main ingredient, mRNA, the Pfizer vaccine contains lipids and salts, which are commonly (and harmlessly) ingested by humans daily. As for conspiracy theories that the vaccines contain tracking devices or nanobots…we’re not going there!

The government will require people to take shots. The US Department of Labor has ruled that employers may require employees to take vaccines to remain employed, but there is no government mandate to force the vaccine on its citizens. Once the vaccine is approved and found safe, children may be required to take it, like other vaccines, to attend school. Americans traveling overseas will most likely have to carry vaccine passports.

The vaccines can damage your DNA. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. Your DNA resides in a central, separate part of the cell called the nucleus. The mRNA vaccine that enters your body remains outside the nucleus and therefore cannot harm your DNA.

The Pfizer vaccine is being made in Belgium with poor safety standards. Americans receive Pfizer vaccines made in Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Vaccines are not needed because coronavirus is a hoax. If a person is infected, it’s no more dangerous than a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, some media outlets, conspiracy sites, social media posts, and politicians peddled lots of inaccurate information. This led to many people not taking the coronavirus seriously, wearing masks in public, or socially distancing. As a result, the highly-transmittable virus spread throughout the US like wildfires, killing 550,000 Americans in the past 12 months. Although only 4% of the world’s population lives in the US with one of the most modern medical systems, our country has suffered 25% of total positive cases and 20% of deaths worldwide from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is true that 80% of COVID cases initially result in mild-moderate symptoms and many begin to feel better in 1-2 weeks…but the tragically high death tolls for the other 20%, who get much more serious infections, show how dangerous this highly contagious virus truly is. Another urgent concern is the lingering damage the virus can silently inflict on the body far into the future. A major study found that 30% of all COVID-19 patients reported symptoms nine months after being infected that, in some cases, could be permanent. Long-term symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia, fevers, gastrological problems, anxiety, depression, and other neurological damages. Consequently, infected patients think that they have recovered, only to experience significant problems later down the road. The US government is so concerned about these “COVID long-haulers” that it is launching studies of how the COVID-19 virus can cause damage later in life.

The bottom line: There are still many unknowns, especially as new coronavirus variants, such as the South African version, appear. Through extensive research over the last year, I have concluded that, while there may be some risks taking vaccines, the immediate and lingering, long-term COVID-19 problems can cause within the body far outweigh risks! In other words, take the shots and help us reach Herd Immunity to get our lives back to normal!

About the Author: Mike DuBose has been an instructor for USC’s graduate school since 1985, when he began his family of companies, and is the author of The Art of Building a Great Business. Visit his nonprofit website www.mikedubose.com for a free copy of his book and additional published business, travel, and personal articles, as well as health articles written with Surb Guram, MD.

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